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Selasa, 17 April 2012

i hope i will be strong to my future life =)

no words can i say to tell about my feel now,
very2 sad i feel now,
don't know want to stop my mind for don't think about this problem,
now,don't know what can i do,,
why she can't think what she do in our relation as a friend,
now,still i remember what she say to me,
"aku harap aku xkan gdh ngan kau"
now,what happend??
who is that want this happend in our relation ??
me ???
u want to blame me again ??
this relation broken come from my self ??
oh,no girl ! very sad !
what can i say now,u not see what you do now..
is that right ??
u feel u always in right,not have in wrong person,
that wrong person is me right ???
because me your heart hurt right ??

maybe i also wrong because love you even u just friend with me,
but don't always blame other person when you sad,
now,don't ask me if i hate u,
"sekali aku kck hti ngan kau,kite xkan cm dlu ms mula2 aku knl kau"
thanks,friend ,,

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